Android App – A Great Evolution

Welcome in the world of mobile application. It has become the centralized system in this present era as brain works in a human body. In 21st century, Technology becomes lifeline of human’s life from morning to night, home to office anytime, anywhere; new innovations, concepts are being introduced and developed and which allures more and more users towards them.

It’s very difficult to survive without latest technology or a new web world it could be either of them, as it is considered as an application era, we have variety of platform to develop these apps, among them android is very prevalent.
Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries. It’s the major and the largest installed base for any mobile platform and growing fast–every day another million users power up their Android devices for the first time and start looking variety of app for various purpose, gaming apps, digital content etc. Android also gives us world-class platform for its users everywhere, as well as an open market for its distribution instantly.

Android has rapidly become the fastest-growing mobile OS as it is built by the contribution of an open source Linux community and with the help of almost 310 hardware, software and carrier partners. Almost 1 million new Android devices get activated everyday worldwide. More importantly openness feature has made it a favorite for developers and consumers alike, resulting strong growth in its consumption. Android users from different part download almost 1.5 billion different apps and games from Google Play Store each month. With its working partners, everyday it is touching new height and introducing new abilities for its developer and end user, letting you to build powerful, impressive, attractive apps with latest mobile technologies for its sophisticated user.

Android gives powerful development framework which helps to build best-in-class application experiences. It also provide a particular application model which helps to deploy application broadly billions of users worldwide across a globe on a wide range of system devices – from phone to tablet and so on. It gives variety of tools for developing apps with great look and feel also take advantage of different hardware efficiencies available on particular device. It inherit all UI and give complete control of these UI’s on your device.In order to develop efficiently, Android Developer Tools suggest a complete Java IDE with extreme advanced features for debugging, developing, as well as packaging Android apps. We can also develop Android device or virtual device using IDE that emulate any hardware configuration.

App can be distributed openly in Marketplace and the best place is Google Play Store, it is the premiere for distributing and selling your apps. Once published in Play store we can reach to huge installed base of Android apps. As an owner of your app and availability of open marketplace, Play store allow you to strategize your own marketing policies, selling and distributing tact’s weather to distribute broadly to all markets on all device or to keep it specific.

It has made many entrepreneurs who’re gaining a great profit and providing employments to many. Developing an app can be a win-win situation for anyone provided has a clear concept and implementation of their idea. We have the authority to manage app in the way we wish to and what will work best as far as business is concerned, from the highest revenues generation and engagement to priced or free, with in-app products or subscription, anything we wish to. Besides growing customer base. Play Store also helps us to establish visibility and engagement across the apps and of course brand. With the growing response and publicity particular app has the chance to be on the top of chart.

Guitar Practice Lite for Android
android device
Image by hellocatfood
Recently I was asked by Andrew Thomas to create a glitch skin for his Guitar Practice Android app.

Guitar Practice Lite is a small guitar that fits in your Android mobile device. It allows you to practice playing melodies when on the move, and may help you learn to play the guitar. As most Android devices aren’t multi-touch capable, you can’t play chords and you can only select one fret/string at a time. To make life easier with your single touch device, tapping any of the four frets (from the top of a guitar neck) will play the same note that you would get on a guitar if you were fingering that fret/string.

How to Install A Custom ROM On Any Android Device (2016)

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Root Android – is it Really Worth It?

When you purchase a new smartphone you will have to deal with the issues that many people have complained about for many years now. The advertisements all talk about how the latest and greatest gadgets are the fastest ever, and when it comes down to testing them out, it doesn’t reflect the ads. Most often you will only get to use ¾ of the speed that is promised even if there are dual core processors. It is possible to change things though, especially if you want to get the maximum output out of your Android device, and it starts by simply going to and become a member.

For those that are on the fence about possibly adding this to their device or just don’t know about rooting the device, it’s important to understand some of the features that you will be able to unleash. The following are some of the things that you should consider when you root your device.

Speed, Blazing Speed – The first thing that you will notice is that you will have ultimate performance increases. Whether you want to overclock the processors or you want to simply get to the maximum output, you will find that you can do that by rooting your gadget. Seriously pushing the limits is not hard, it’s just a matter of education. One visit to and you’ll be able to increase the processors abilities to the levels that you hear during the advertising.

Freedom To Do Anything – The freedom to do whatever you want with your phone is not something that the cell phone companies want you to have. Think about it, there are so many different people that want this and yet no one is offering it without going about things in your own way. Freedom to finally play that indie game, or tether the service to your laptop or tablet can definitely be possible, if you check into the root option.

The Best Keyboard – The keyboard that comes standard with your device has a slight delay, and you may start to notice it when you’re trying to surf the web, as it takes time to get the strokes correct. That’s not the case any longer when you check out, because you will have faster processing power to whatever you need to do. Get more done, surf faster, and type whatever, whenever you want. You’ll notice this immediately after you trying out your phone’s basic features.

The above features are just a handful of things that you’ll experience when you move forward with You’re not going to be held back from doing anything that you want to do. You’ll be able to unlock the features that first intrigued you about the phone in all new expert levels. You won’t find another option for your smartphone that will compare to what you will experience by getting familiar with rooting your Android device. Whether you have the latest edition or an older version, you’ll experience the greatest thing that technology has to offer. Take the above options as just the beginning of what you’ll find when you’re a member.

If you are looking for information on root Android, click on the link. Or you can visit

Cookie Monster’s eyePhone
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Image by Poster Boy NYC

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Tips to Capture Screenshots in Recovery Mode on Your Android Device

Smartphones along with their next gen operating systems (OSes) like iOS, Android, RIM, etc have broaden the usability of phones unbelievably. Smartphones are used for multiple usages and functionalities. In light of the varied usability of these smartphones, there can be various reasons for taking screenshots on your Android devices. You might need it while making some tutorial over your phone or you might be troubleshooting your phone and want to send your technician the screenshots of your device to let them know what exactly is appearing on your screen.

Play Store offers you numerous apps that enable you to capture the screenshot of your Android device in the normal mode. But if you need the screenshot to be taken on the recovery mode of the phone then there are only a few ways to do that. Taking the cue, some of the useful tips helpful in capturing screenshots in recovery mode on Android devices have been listed below.

Things You Should Know

Capturing screenshot in the recovery mode is possible using the recovery screenshot tool. This tool is available only for Windows; hence you will require a Windows based PC to follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Next, you will need to install the ADB drivers on your computer. To download this you need to visit the official Android SDK website and from there you can download and install the required drivers on your PC.

Capturing Screenshots in Recovery Mode

Once, you have made sure that you possess all the required things including a Windows based PC with ADB drivers installed in it, you can proceed towards making other arrangements.

First of all, you need to get your device into the Recovery Mode. For this, press the key combination provided by your Android device manufacturer. If you don’t have the key combination, then you can download the ‘Quick Boot’ app from play store. This app helps you in easily rebooting your device into recovery mode.

Once you have entered into the recovery mode, perform the following steps:

Using the USB cable of your Android phone, connect your device to your PC
You might get prompts on your PC notifying about the need of installing the drivers. In that case first let your PC install the drivers.
Now, download the ‘Recovery Screenshot Tool’
Extract all of its files and save it over to your desktop
Keep all the files under one common folder so that you can conveniently find the files when required
Among the downloaded files, look for the one named “RUNrs.bat” and double click over it.
It will launch the tool for your use
You will be smoothly guided through different screens
The first screen will ask you the configuration type of your preference
As a first-time user, press “1″ on your keyboard
In the next screen, you will be asked to enter your device’s screen resolution, means you need to provide the height and width of your Android phone’s screen
This you can easily get over the Internet; you just need to specify the model number and manufacturer name. For instance, if you are using Nexus 5 then write in Google ‘Screen resolution for Nexus 5.’
Once you have entered the width and height, hit ‘Enter.’
After this, all the possible screenshots from your device will be pulled off and get displayed on your computer screen.
These screenshots will get stored on your desktop in a newly created folder named “Pixel formats.”
Click the folder and check out all the screenshots it has captured
Select the one you want to use, name it and hit ‘Enter’
In the next screen, choose the first option “1 – You see your image…”
Now enter the name that you had noted down. Just type the name and not the image extension. For instance, if the screenshot name read “image5.png”, enter “image5″ only and then hit ‘Enter.’

With these few simple steps, you can configure the tool to take screenshots of your device in the Recovery Mode. After getting the configuration done, on the next screen, choose the third option “3 – Get both framebuffers,” and you are all done. Now the tool will easily capture the screenshot of your Android device in the Recovery Mode and will save the files in the directory of the tool inside a folder named with the current date.

Brooke M. Perry is an ardent technician associated with Qresolve online tablet support, with wide experience of fixing issues with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphone. With a strong track record of devising effective ways of android tablet support and system security, she has so far helped thousands of users across the globe.

Cheap Android device
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Image by adactio

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Why Android is Better Than Other Mobile OS?

Apple with its iOS 7 and its offering is indeed fascinating. Majority of technology users are in favor of using iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. However, Android too has many advantages, that iPhone does not offer. If you are given some specific reasons behind how amazing Android is then you might shift your focus upon purchasing an Android Smartphone or Android Tablet. Let us find out what exactly makes Android better than an iOS device.

Lock Screen App

Cover Lock Screen is an app that is created by Apps & Zerts. This app is compatible with your Android device that will replace your lock screen. The unique capability of this app allows it to understand the apps that you frequently use, your frequently visited locations and then making them accessible to you. This way you need not require to manually input your choices on the lock screen. Whatever you want is right there without having to go through numerous menus or screens.

This app is capable of detecting your location by the means of motion data. This way your device is aware of your location even while you are driving a car. This comes handy when you are driving as the screen of your phone adjusts the profile accordingly without disturbing you or requiring your manual input. When you are driving, you will see that map and navigation is already available to you. When you are at work your schedule with calendar entry and e-mails will be activated.

The reason why it is created for Android OS is that this app is capable of observing user movements and then deciding a specific screen behavior based on locations.

Predictive Keyboard

If you are looking for a keyboard that is best and easy to use then you will appreciate Swype by Nuance. This is not a regular keyboard that gives you standard typing and input of text. Swype is more; it helps you perform functions like dragging across the keyboard with single finger. The advance prediction option helps you in entering text with ease with little or no mistakes in your text. This means that you can easily enter text without lifting your finger unlike a standard keyboard in a Smartphone where you need to lift finger to input another letter.

Scheduling Profile

One more interesting thing that you will notice is that as soon as you switch from your BlackBerry or Windows phone you will miss out on Profile Manager app. Even iPhone users will crib about it. It is essential when your Smartphone understands and changes user profile automatically according to the specifications mentioned.

Profile Scheduler gives you just the right way of managing distinct profiles. As a user you only need to set a specific criterion for it that will include details like battery status, location, time and other preferences. You can easily tweak the settings that will help you get most out of your device. For example, you can schedule the automatic power off and power on of your device. You can adjust the silent profile when in meeting or at any place where noise is prohibited. Profiles that are based on various personal preferences are interesting.
You can enable and make adjustments or even create specific profiles like Work, Family, Meeting or anything else that suits your specific needs.

Profile Scheduler can be found at Google Play Store for free, the paid version too is available for $ 3.49 that includes location-based data.


For all those who are looking for a major change in their Home Screen will need to look for what Smart Launcher offers. This app is capable of replacing your Lock Screen and Home Screen. This app overrides the UI for replacing your Home Screens. All the applications that are installed on your phone will be grouped for easy access. This app is capable of recognizing which app is frequently used so that it can be readily made available to you.

Smart Launcher

For all those who are looking for a major change in their Home Screen will need to look for what Smart Launcher offers. This app is capable of replacing your Lock Screen and Home Screen. This app overrides the UI for replacing your Home Screens. All the applications that are installed on your phone will be grouped for easy access. This app is capable of recognizing which app is frequently used so that it can be readily made available to you.

This app is compatible with other Android devices including Android tablet and Google TV box.
Now after going through all what has been said above it is needless to say that Android brings you a lot to look forward to. Android Smartphone and Android Tablets have a lot to offer simply because of its open source OS architecture.

Brooke M. Perry is an ardent technician associated with Qresolve online tablet support, with wide experience of fixing issues with PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. With a strong track record of devising effective ways of online laptop support and system security, she has so far helped thousands of users across the globe

Guitar Practice Lite for Android
android device
Image by hellocatfood
Recently I was asked by Andrew Thomas to create a glitch skin for his Guitar Practice Android app.

Guitar Practice Lite is a small guitar that fits in your Android mobile device. It allows you to practice playing melodies when on the move, and may help you learn to play the guitar. As most Android devices aren’t multi-touch capable, you can’t play chords and you can only select one fret/string at a time. To make life easier with your single touch device, tapping any of the four frets (from the top of a guitar neck) will play the same note that you would get on a guitar if you were fingering that fret/string.

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Why mobile sms spy app on Android Devices is crucial to the users

Android devices operate by using the android operating systems. Android is the technology that is applied to most smart phones today that are operated with the help of a touch sensitive screen. The rising concerns for safety of mobile users especially children have seen the development of the Sms spy app that enables parents track the sms messages of their children. Sms spy Android app has been tailored specifically for all the mobile phones using the running on the Android operating system. Text Watcher company specializes in apps that can be used to track the sms messages of the target device. Sms spy app is a program that is installed in the target mobile phone device to intercept all the incoming and outgoing sms messages.

The app is applicable to parents in tracking the activities of their children. Spouses find the sms spy app applicable when tracking their partners’ sms activities especially when they suspect them of cheating.
Companies use the app to track the activities of their employees in order to filter out imposters. The company uses the latest Android technologies in tracking the sms messages of Android devices using the sms spy Android app. This ensures that the sms messages can be retrieved on a 24hour basis provided that a valid email address is provided. The tracked sms messages are normally sent to this email after being intercepted from the target Android device. Sms spy Android app has been tailored for target devices that use the Android technology. The app is used access the targets sms messages inbox and outbox and all the content in the sms message.

The app supplies other information regarding the sms messages including the time, the date and the phone numbers that sent or received the messages from the targets Android device. Sms spy Android app allows sms messages from the Android target device to be viewed discreetly as it doesn’t offer any name which can be traced. Tracking of the sms messages is a click of a button away making the Android app convenient to all its users. Parents using the sms spy app and in particular the sms spy Android app can rest easy knowing that there children are safe. Spouses on the other hand can solve marital problems with the help of this app. Employers can help companies maintain loyal employees and also signal out imposters that may want to ruin the company.

Find more information relating to Text Spy, and Text Spy app here.

Project8 for Android devices
android device
Image by Pie the fat cat

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How to Recover Deleted Files Mac from Android Phone

More and more people use the Android phone/tablet. They use it to play videos, photos, documents, and other files to satisfy their needs. Sometimes, they press Delete tab accidently or lost files without careless even format files when they play Samsung Galaxy, HTC tablet, etc supported Android OS.

It is so terrible and difficult to get the files back. What should you do? Of course, you just need do data recovery. But most of customers may not know how to recover deleted files from Android.

Here I will teach you how to do file recovery Mac with Kvisoft Data Recovery Mac. With this Android Recovery Software, you could restore lost files on Mac from Android phone/tablet because of human mis-operations or other unknown reasons in few steps.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Android

Step1 Download the software and install it. You can free download this Mac file recovery and install it as the instruction. It allows you try it freely for a month.

Step2 Connect Android device to computer. Please make a link Android to your Mac with USB cable and make sure set your Android USB connected. If it cannot work, you can visit this first step of recovering files from Android.

Step3 Launch the program and choose mobile device. After connecting, you can open this data recovery and get the following interface. To start your recovering job, you can just choose Multimedia/Mobile Device as your media type.

Step4 Scan your files. Just choose your Android device and select one scan mode. Then hit Start button to begin scanning you files. Tips: Quick Recovery would help you scan the deleted files with ease and fast speed.

Step5 Get files back from Android. After scan is finished, the scanned files are listed as different file types, like Document, Photo, Music, etc. Please check your lost data from the list. And then choose the files which you want to recover. Just click Recovery button to recover deleted files from Android and save the recovered files into your device.

Here is the best way to recover deleted photos or files from your Android phone/tablet. Please choose Kvisoft File Recovery Mac to recover deleted photos from Android.

Tokyo 3968
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What to do in case of Android Smartphone theft?

When you own an Android Smartphone there are numerous options to protect your phone. However if in any case your phone is stolen then you need to take immediate actions. There are few essential things that you can do to avoid data theft and misuse of your Android Smartphone.

What To Do If You’ve Already Lost Your Android

Assuming that you have already lost your phone without securing it with Google anti-theft tool there are other things that you can take into account.

· You need to know where your phone is, for this use the Android Device Manager. This will help you in tracking your device. even though you will not be able to wipe off your device if you have not configures relevant software for it. this means that you should take pro-active measures by installing security software or app.

· Go to Google web portal to access Android Device Manager. A map will appear indicating the last position of your phone. If you are not able to see it then click the Locate This Device button. The location will be within 25 meters approx of the device. when you see it quickly inform the police about its location to help recover it.

· Until the time your device is not with you it is essential to overcome the feeling of data loss. For this purpose you need to get in touch with your operator and deactivate it. doing this will prevent the thief from using your phone even after changing the SIM card.

· If you are concerned about your personal information then log into the Web for every app and service. Chances are you might find an option to logout of devices or disable the service. This way your personal information regarding apps and services will be unavailable.

· Change your password and login ID to prevent impersonation. Inform your friends and family about the theft so that they cannot be victimized.

Preventive Measures to avoid theft

It is essential that you should invest time in installing security or anti-theft apps. Apps like Dashlane 2.0 and Lastpass 2.0 will help secure your personal information. security suite like Avast will help secure your device against online threats. The additional features of anti-theft will help you with SMS commands. You will also be able to create a partition in the OS of your device for installing anti-theft module. Logging on to Web interface you will be able to enable anti-theft tools.

Apps like Bitdefender and Prey are helpful too. Both help you in gaining remote access to your device. however this only works on 2.0 and 2.3 versions. This is why it is essential to learn how to utilize its features by web portal login. Checking out the app utility as well as the compatibility level with your version of Android is advisable.

Another valuable advice is to set a passcode. This comes handy when your device is stolen, it prevents in stealing your private data. Without gaining access to your device it would be impossible for a thief to use it for illegitimate purposes.

Hi! I am Brook M. Perry, a prolific blog writer and keen author of articles related to internet security and solution for issues related to computers and mobile devices. Being associated with the reputed remote computer support service provider Qresolve, I have resolved thousands of tech issues for our customers from worldwide. tablet support .My areas of interest are virus removal, PC security, endpoint security system, router support etc. You can follow me for my useful computer support articles on Ezine and other article-oriented websites.

android device
Image by Dominik W. Neuffer
Android screenshot on a mobile device (emulator? credits MobileLinuxInfo) with the bot (credits andriod, wallpaper) peeking over it. Made with Gimp for a keynote @ HS-Augsburg.
Uploaded with the Flock Browser

Some Problems Android Developers May Face

However, Android is an opensource platform and based on widely spread web development language Java which is very easy to learn at other hand, many Android developers are committing serious mistakes in their Android application development projects. Usually beginners or mid level developers are committing such common mistakes so in this article we will explore something about such common mistakes and their possible solutions.

It has been seen that sometime things are not working as they should be and that is again true for the Android development. Recently we have seen that some developers have complained that their project shows some errors like:

Project… is missing

and further demanding the source files or folders like ‘gen’

In such conditions you need to clean the project and you can do the by going into the project menu and push the clean button so it will clear all clutter, albeit you have to clean the library projects too. Apart from this you may receive another error like this project couldn’t built if you can’t solve the path errors. Thus, you need to do the same thing and clear the project. The other small errors like Unable to open class file So again you need to clear the project same the way.

Sometime what happens when you start your Android app it stops immediately or during the execution of the app and you will find a message in your LogCat view indicating that content activity is not found in AndroidManifest.xml. Thus you need to check the manifest file whether you have declared you activity or not and if not do that.

In some cases Android developers find communication problem in their Android apps programming project especially with emulator or with the Android device so you need to know that basically communication is handled by the ADB (Android Debug Bridge) therefore, you have to reset the adb to solve the communication problem and that you can do with the help of Eclipse. In Eclipse you need to select the DDMS perspective through Wnidow by pushing open perspective button then select the Other option and then DDMS. Here you need to restart the adb so select the Reset adb option in the Device View field in Eclipse and check that whether your device or emulator is displayed in it or not.

Earlier we have mentioned that if we want to see some error messages we need to open the LogCat view and find out the log messages of the Android device to get some help in Android app development to analyze the problems as well as doing testing. If you want to see some Java exception you have to open the LogCate view and for that you have to select the Window menu and where you have to select Show View option then Other option and then Android and finally LogCat.

Sometime Android developers fine some strange complains during their Android apps development project like: You can’t use Java7. Thus in such situation you have to select right click in the project IDE and select the Java Compiler entry where you will find information regarding to the version of the Java in use so Ensure that the latest version is used or Java 1.5 or Java 1.6 is used. After that you have to enable the project specific setting by clicking the checkbox.

Android tablet development at Peerbits at affordable rates, cheaper than iPad tablet development. We make no compromise when its question of quality services.

Android 4.4.1 KitKat update for Nexus Devices
android device
Image by AtitaSoft Technologies

Navigate anytime and anywhere while driving with interactive Android GPS apps

The technology has come to a point where you can turn your Android device to a navigation tool very easily. The worries of Android users will end up even if they do not find any default applications within their device. The reason being is that there is a plethora of cools and also feature-packed applications are now available on Google Play Store. Since, there is a long list with innumerable Android apps, so in order to provide an ease to Android device users, we have listed a few of them that are extremely popular as well as worth praising.

Android Apps for Navigation:


Sygic is deemed as one of the best GPS apps exclusively designed for Android that has been encountered for over 300 million downloads. A high quality Tom Tom maps have been encased so that a user do not have to get an internet connection. It offers turn-by-turn spoken street names and voice navigation facility so that a driver can stay focused correctly on the road. It’s another features offers speed camera alerts for dynamic lane guidance and fast drivers.


This application claims that it is one of the efficient, outstanding and award winning navigation apps. Actually, this app indeed has a good basis for claiming this. A user just has to pay a few amounts in order to enjoy the wide spectrum of its amazing features. The feature offered by it includes distance display, estimated traveled time, 3D worldwide map, speed camera alert, 5 Day weather forecasting and live traffic update.


Here come an app which is full of amazing GPS features and it offers turn-by-turn directions along with an offline point-of-interest database. There are many more features such as spoken directions and this is because it uses OpenStreet Map Data. All you need to do is to download mao files directly to the device. It is also available in free version that aids you to download ten different map files which are absolutely free.


This application launched with the efforts of Android App Development services will let you to tag the current location using GPS so that you can make it available to your friends. Short messages can be sent that are complete with GPS coordinates. You are also allowed to see the location of your friends as well and if, he/she is in nearby location, you will get the alert. It can be concluded that Loopt is more like a precise and sociable version of Foursquare and Google Latitude.


This application is really a cool social navigation and GPS driving app that is available for the android device. Using this application, you can get connected to the other drivers with a wide community -based traffic as well as navigation application. You can easily save your time, money and gas with this app and also the users will experience the best outsmart traffic view. With the aid of this application, you can also report about the accidents, hazards, police locations and other traffic events. You will also receive road alerts from the route you are travelling.

There are many other outstanding apps that can be considered as the perks offered by Android App Developers. Thus, they can be hired also for technical assistance associated with such apps.

Rick Brown is an experienced tech blogger and is writing about latest technology for a leading Android App Development services. You can contact him, if you are willing to hire highly skilled Android App Developers.

HFF and a great weekend
android device
Image by VinceFL

How to Get Push Notifications for Android Devices that Will Sound Whether You are Logged in or not

Most Android users complain that they cannot get their device to send push notifications especially for their social networking apps. This is extremely frustrating while at the same time it could be the quiet before the storm. So before you decide to activate your push notifications for your Android device remember that they can become really intrusive and have you feeling completely overwhelmed if connected to certain applications. In order to understand what you are dealing with consider this scenario:

You are sitting in an important meeting and your phone is on silent; you have set your profile to “busy” or “in a meeting” so you know no one is going to try and text or call you. So bearing this in mind you have left your Android device to vibrate only. OK now the scene is set; suddenly your phone starts to vibrate uncontrollably on the desk and just keeps on doing it at random until you switch it off! Perhaps just before you went into your meeting you posted an important facebook status update or uploaded a new picture to your instagram account and everyone is commenting on how good you look! And thanks to your now activated push notifications for Android all those messages who don’t care where you are or what you are doing are being sent through.

This is the world of receiving push notifications! While most apps will automatically install this feature by default, some won’t so rather take time to decide if the above scenario is something you can live with. If not then be grateful that the only way you know that there is activity on your facebook; twitter or instagram account is the silent appearance of an icon in your status bar.

But for those who really want to have their entire world vibrate at every given moment, here is a way to turn Android push notifications on:

1. Register you Android device for the Push Service
2. Set your permissions parameters
3. Select your push icon
4. Add in your Parse API keys (this can be found in your app’s settings page)
5. Enable your Android push notifications
6. Send a test push notification to your Android device
7. Then Send a targeted Android push notification

If you need more detailed steps or information on push notifications for Android you can go to their Push Guide.

Andrew Reynolds is a prolific and experienced author on the internet who typically profiles Push Notification services for the website Bulk Push. For additional pull of information about Bulk Push, you are encouraged to visit and explore the official website.

WIMM Android Device
android device
Image by thomas.amberg